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The 5 Most Asked Questions of the Cisco CCNA Exam (Including Answers)

Probably all who work with Cisco switches during their time in IT are familiar with the various certification options offered by Cisco Systems. The best-known certification is the CCNA, the Cisco Certified Network Associate.

We Measured the Air Quality on New Year's Eve, and Here's What We Found

2019 is here, and as the smoke (quite literally) settles on the New Year's Eve celebrations, it's time for us to take a look at the results of a little experiment we ran. We set up a particulate matter sensor to monitor air quality as the fireworks went off over Nürnberg on New Year's Eve, and as expected, we saw a spike. But how serious was the spike? And what does it mean for cities and their air quality levels overall?

6 Years after the Internet's Own Boy: Has the Mission of Aaron Swartz Failed?

Aaron Swartz was found dead on January 11, 2013. He was 26 years old. During these 26 years, he made a name for himself as programmer, author, co-founder of Reddit, hacktivist and initiator of numerous campaigns to promote civic awareness and protest censorship on the Internet. Today, 6 years later, Aaron is an Internet legend (known to the general public through the film The Internet's Own Boy), while general censorship on the Internet continues to progress.

3D Printer Monitoring with PRTG

3D printing - It’s definitely going to be next year’s “big thing”. Just like it was supposed to be this year’s, and last year’s… OK, so maybe the technology hasn’t quite lived up to the “new era of democratised manufacturing” hype. But it can still be very useful.

What Is LoRa? A Beginner's Guide #1

IoT is the trend word of recent years and we would like to introduce the terms and technologies behind it on our blog.  We have already written a lot about the connection technology Sigfox. LoRa(WAN) is yet another smart, energy-efficient technology, and in this two-part blog series, we’re going to get to the bottom of the term Lora(WAN) and highlight some of the possible trends that could result from it.

Maker Monday: Measuring Air Pollution on New Year’s Eve with a Particulate Matter Sensor

Here in Germany, fireworks are "unbanned" for one day of the year: New Year's Eve. And every year I wonder how it is possible that fireworks are still legal at all, even for one day. Setting aside the safety factor (mixing drunken revelers with fire and rockets is never, ever a good idea), there is the fact that fireworks are terrible for the environment. Back in 2016, fireworks in Germany accounted for a particulate matter level equivalent to 17% of the country's annual vehicle emissions. And most of that on just one night!

Smart Mailboxes, Tech-Loving Grannies, and Server Room Antics: Paessler Video Highlights

Two new YouTube shows, a look at the IoT and healthcare IT, a behind-the-scenes look at what happens in a server room, and an ode to system administrators: it's been a busy year for our video team! 

The 4 Biggest Mistakes in My IT Career

Before I decided to mess up Paessler's online marketing team, I spent almost 20 years as an IT admin. At the end of the previous millennium, I enjoyed a classic apprenticeship as an IT administrator (back then, the profession was still called "data processing manager" in Germany). Following that, I worked for many years in an IT system house and later in the internal IT department of an automotive supplier.

A Merry, Betty Christmas!

Today Betty plays Santa and brings you the second Q&A episode in a row. Simply because she can. 

From AI to Monitoring the Death Star: Our Content Highlights of 2018

One hundred and forty eight blog articles (and counting)'s been a busy 2018 for the Paessler team of bloggers! And being the geeks that we are, it's been a blast writing about topics that we love: networking and tech. Now — as is customary this time of year — we thought we'd take a moment to look back on 2018 on our blog.

10 Essential Apps That Make Your Sysadmin Life Easier

Over a year ago, we asked our very own Paessler admins which mobile apps they could not live without. So now we decided to expand this survey and give you a little overview on what your fellow sysadmins are using. To do this, we ventured into the depths of Reddit, and as we got a lot of feedback, here’s a roundup.

Quantum Computers: What They Can (and What They Can Not Do)

In my first article about quantum computers I explained the rudimentary principles. Now it gets a bit more concrete and practical. If you haven't read the first article yet, it would make sense to do so here before continuing.

Maker Monday: Multiway Switches and Home Assistant

In our newest Maker Monday, the man who is usually behind the camera, Patrick (our director and editor) shows us how he solved a problem he had in his own home with multiway switches. Basically: how to integrate switches with Home Assistant.

Webinar: All New Features in PRTG — Review 2018

Wow, 2018 was a amazing year for Paessler and PRTG. There were so many great updates focused on the best possible user experience and specific wishes of our customers.

IT Monitoring with an Open Source or a Commercial Solution? It's More Than a Question of Money.

Hardly any company can do without comprehensive IT monitoring. But when choosing the right solution, the question often arises whether an IT administrator should work with freeware or an open source option, or whether a commercial solution should be bought. Just to be clear: No IT company and almost no IT product can do completely without open source. We use it constantly and therefore we are not questioning the value of open source. But does monitoring with an open source solution make sense, is it as cost-effective as alleged, and as individually configurable as sometimes claimed? We get to the bottom of it.